After care

After Care and Self Care for all body types. Whether you're recovering from a surgery, an athlete, surviving with chronic pain or experiencing pain for the first time there are options for you to help yourself...

After Care is a very important aspect of your treatment. While we can make progress in our sessions there is much that you can do to continue your healing. I would like to share with you ways that you may be able to extend the progress we make in our sessions together as well as reduce the need for future sessions. Stretching can become a regular part of your "Self Care" routine or a survival technique in times of unexpected pain.

Here I will demonstrated different stretches targeting specific muscles, using minor adjustments that make these poses most effective. I will Introduce you to creative ways to do "Self Massage" using tools such as sports balls, foam rollers and everyday objects.

Most importantly while experiencing these stretches please remember to listen to your body, it will tell you if you are pushing it too far. You should feel a good stretch without pain. The goal is not to force your body into a pose its not ready for, the goal is to allow your body to relax into the stretch as it is ready for it. If you're not flexible that's okay! Flexibility comes over time and as you become more regular in your stretching practice you'll see improvement.

Detoxing your body after a treatment can extend the benefits of our session or a self massage session.

Detox Bath:

  • 2 cups Epsom Salt
  • 2 cups Baking Soda
  • 20 minutes in the bath.

Make sure the treated areas of your body are submerged in the water so they will be fully effected by the bath.



Self Care

I've released a new YouTube series to help my clients learn key Do-It-Yourself techniques for instant therapy at home.



Massage Tools


-Portable for use at work and while traveling
-Easy to use
-Provides quick relief of tension headaches
-Great for hard to reach places on your body

 Back Body Buddy

-The Body Back Buddy trigger point massager is designed to help you self-massage any area of your body especially hard to reach areas such as between your shoulder blades or in your back.
-Keeping your muscles relaxed and out of contraction is important in helping to reduce pain and prevent muscle injury.
-Easy to control design provides countless ways to navigate the tool for optimal leverage and control to treat any area on the body.
-11 specially designed therapy knobs. Relieve spasms, tight muscles, trigger points and pressure points.

 Massage Stick Roller

A great tool for your partner to use on you. You'll receive the benefits without their hands tiring out! Also great for rolling your legs to relive stiffness.


Massage Stick Roller


 Ma Roller

The Ma roller has a wonderful design for working the tense muscles along the spine and base of the head.


 Mini Ma Roller




Self Massage Tool





 Lacrosse Ball

The Lacrosse Ball has so many uses for massaging the body and is easily portable for travel and work