Your Experience

Each Massage and treatment will be unique and individualized to your needs. I intuitively feel what is happening with your body, where you are experiencing pain, and what you need to reach your goals. I will likely feel restrictions that you are unaware of, but trust I am providing the best therapeutic treatment for your desired outcome. Often one area may need deep tissue while another needs myofascial release. We will develop a treatment plan that is right for you, including the following techniques...

Did you just wake up with pain?

Is your pain forcing you to take medication just to get through your day? Is it so bad that you think surgery may be your only option?There are many options before going under the knife. Unfortunately traditional medicine tells us that our options are to cover it up or cut it out. These are last resort options. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves if we treat them right. It is most commonly a combination of things that will bring our bodies back to a state of peace and free of pain. I will promote wellness and healing in your body while teaching you stretches, proper sleeping habits and the way to avoid further injuring yourself...

After care

After Care is a very important aspect of your treatment. While we can make progress in our sessions there is much that you can do to continue your healing. I would like to share with you ways that you may be able to extend the progress we make in our sessions together as well as reduce the need for future sessions. Stretching can become a regular part of your "Self Care" routine or a survival technique in times of unexpected pain...


  • “Twice I received sports injuries. Once to the shoulder and once to the leg. Both times, physical therapy didn’t help, and I was starting to feel like surgery might be the only solution. Enter Candi who made all of the difference. I am a complete believer in her ability to feel the problem and solve Continue Reading

  • “After six weeks of physical therapy and being on muscle relaxers I was loosing hope that my shoulder would ever heal. Then I found Candi and after only two visits I was 90% better!” ~Elena E. Chico Ca

  • I took a Bikram yoga class on Saturday and was able to get more deeply into poses I have been doing for years- and I could feel that it was because of the work we did releasing tight fascia and holding patterns. I could sense the expansion in my body from your work, but in Continue Reading



When scheduling online you will see the most current availability. The scheduler will give you the first available options based on the duration of massage and time restrictions you have chosen. This is the most efficient way to schedule. If you prefer, you may call or text me to make an appointment. I will respond to your message within two business days. Your needs are important to me, so feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.